How can we find distributors of cosmetics in UAE?


We are looking for distributors in GCC countries and south east asia but for some reasons can not seem to engage with retailers, we have had really good response from consumer directly but cant seem to get through to retailers in those areas. not sure if cultural difference how we do business in UK


Hi Farah
What are the channels of distribution in your marketing strategy?
You mention that you are looking for distributors and then you say you are having difficulty in engaging with retailers.
You can look at what I mean in

A lot of people have good response with their website and consumers may want to buy, but you need to increase your local exposure with a local presence. Not everyone can afford to be local so they use a distributor to be their right arm in that country, and they supply the retailers, they do the local marketing, they engage with the local consumers on your behalf.
How to find the distributors ?
There are a variety of ways to research from my experience.

I subscribe to I find it a very useful research tool. You will be able to find lots of contact details. Some information is free, but for some countries you have to also register.
Look at UKTI
Look at European Enterprise Network
Look at websites of companies within your industry and see the where to buy tab, ie who their distributors are in different countries. eg you can look at complimentary products to see who they use.
You can attend trade shows with your local trade association.
Once you have decided on a country then you could use their local chamber of commerce network to find companies who are in your field. You will find this also on Xsortal.
You then need to visit to assess the distributors and to engage with them. Exporting is about relationships. Many cultures don’t respond to emails, they want real contact still. They want to know how they are dealing with.
I will be visiting the middle east in April on behalf of some companies looking for distribution, if its something you want to look into then don’t hesitate to contact me


Hi Gilio

I was wondering if we can speak at some point. I will drop you call later today or tomorrow.



Yes, call me for a chat on this.
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