How can someone find a local partner in India?


Having attended a webinar hosted by UKTI & hibu about getting started in India which was very helpful, I will very much like to know how to find a local partner to work with in India as I supply raw Cashew and I know the demand is high there and as such a reliable local partner will be absolutely helpful.


Hi Robert,

As you rightly pointed out, getting a reliable local partner is the key to do business in India, especially in your sector. For foodgrains and related commodities, there are generally sourcing agents who can be tapped into as well. You should also be probably mindful that India grows cashewnuts as well. But indeed there is a big demand.

UKTI can help with identifying partners. we can also assist with putting you in touch with our contacts in India, who can assist with the partner search activity.

Let me know.




Hi Robert,
Searching for distributors can be done in many ways, one of the services the UKTI offer is called an OMIS, which allows you to commission the local trade team in the part of India you are looking at to search for your ideal distributor.
A word of warning however is that the import and export of Cashew could be quite troublesome due to many restrictions on foodstuffs.
Your UKTI trade advisor would be a good place to start in discussing this opportunity, if you are not engaged with an advisor yet, then let me know and i will point you in the right direction.
Best Regards
Mark Walker
International Trade Advisor – London trade team.


A very big thank you to both Chandru Iyer and Mark Walker for your responses which are very helpful.

As you mentioned Chandru, UKTI can help with identifying partners as well as assist with putting me in touch with your contacts in India, who can assist with the partner search activity, I am very much interested in that service and will like to know what it entails.


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