How can I register a UK company in Brazil?


The main purpose of my business is to select and recruit students from Latin America to study in the UK, but I have decided to start selecting students from Brazil.
I have dual nationalities (British and Brazilian). I registered the company in the UK where I live.
However, it seems that my company needs to be registered in Brazil in order to join some Brazilian associations and educational institutions.
Could anybody, please give me advice on the best way to register my UK company in Brazil? Thank you.


Dear Ms. Da Silva,

If you wish to register your business in Brazil, my company can assist you with this, or alternatively, it may be possible for our partner in Brazil to conduct activity on your behalf, and lessen the burden of cost etc.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Paul Buckingham


Dear Solange,

Registering a company in Brazil is a fairly complex and lengthy process – you will need well-qualified local advice specific to your business sector.
Another avenue you might want to explore (at least initially) is to work with a local partner who complements your service offering.
UKTI is a great first port of call, to test out your ideas and to carry out market research activity for you.
My company specialises in helping UK companies to establish business operations in Brazil. We work in association with UKTI, providing comprehensive advice and practical assistance in-territory.
Kind regards


Prezada Solange
Seeking local advice is key in this case, I wouldn’t underesitmate that. You’re Brazilian so you will know how bureaucratic things can get (check out this BBC 2012 article with stats about registering and running a business in Brazil).
However, the point made about partnerships is also important – before registering your company, please make sure it’s the right strategy for you.
If you want some further advice on registering a company in Brazil, this World Bank information can help to get you started
Make sure you also understand the tax and paperwork implications of having a company registered in Brazil. I’d explore other avenues in more detail, to be honest!
We don’t give this kind of legal advice and I’d encourage you to find someone in Brazil to advice you, only they can give you the real picture.
Good luck with it all.

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