How can I obtain an export license for my scrap metal company?


Please advice how the company, who is trading scrap metal inside the country can obtain an export licence, to be able to export the goods. Thank you. Val Pysander


I am afraid you probably need to give a little more information to get an answer to this question. Are you trading in the UK? If so, then you will need apply for an export licence via the Export Control Organisation using their Spire system.
A key component will be where you want to export the metal too, what type of scrap metal and who the end user will be.
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In addition to the previous answer, you need to ascertain whether an export licence is actually required for the export of scrap metal – i would have thought it unlikely unless it’s a particularly high specification material.

If it’s not a strategically controlled item you don’t need an export licence. Unless you’re talking of environmental licences which is a different matter entirely.


Dear Mrs Pysander,

Thank you for your query regarding an export licence.

Have you already established whether or not a licence of some kind is required?

To find out if any restrictions apply to the export of your goods from the UK you should refer to the UK Integrated Tariff. It’s available online
Find the entry appropriate to your goods based on the relevant 10-digit classification code. Then click on the “export” tab.

Advice concerning classification is available through HMRC’s classification helpline on 03000 513777. They are open from 1pm to 5 pm Monday – Thursday, 1pm to 4.30 pm on Fridays.

See our public notice no.600, “Classifying your imports and exports”. It’s available online at

Guidance surrounding licences can be found at

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HM Revenue & Customs
Customs, International Trade & Excise

I must emphasise that the advice given is based on the information you supplied. If the nature of the transaction changes in technical detail, or the relevant details provided were incomplete or incorrect, we will not be bound by this ruling.

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