How can I make sure that that my Fast Parcel Service /Freight Forwarder has made the correct entry on CHIEF


I use various FPS’s and Forwarders and have trouble keeping track of Proofs of Export.


Hello Paul,

In my experience it’s best to set up procedures for your FPO’s to follow (an SOP if needed); get the account managers in & instruct that you require copies for all Export C88’s.
Due to the nature of their business it is sometime difficult to gain control over them. However they will expect you to sign up to ‘direct representation’ as a legal requirement for authorisation to use your details to submit customs entries to on your behalf to cover their backs.
You require Export C88’s as an exporter for Customs / internal audit purposes.




Hi Paul,

We have helped many exporters who want to take more control of their CHIEF entries due to the proof of export being so key and often not being provided by their agent. Take a look at where you can setup an e-z Consign account and submit your own CHIEF entries. They systems sends you notification when the goods arrive at port/airport and depart Europe, allowing you to keep track of your shipments.

There is no setup cost and only a small fee for each accepted entry, and you then don’t need to pay your agent/forwarder for the CHIEF entry.

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Ian James.


Hi Paul – this isn’t easy and means you must set up the SOP as mentioned above but also ensure you chase the FPO each week to get the message across that you are determined to get these forms. I don’t know if you subscribe to the HMRC MSS report but I would recommend it. For about £288 pa you will receive an excel spreadsheet of all export declaration made against your EORI. You can then use it to monitor which export entries you have and which are missing. Read more

Happy to help structure your compliance processes – [email protected] and we have a couple of training courses that can help
Surviving a Customs Audit:
International Trade Compliance Manager

Export Action Plan