How can I keep the cost down of printing the red, yellow and green nutritional lozenges on my labels?


My products are excellent nutritionally so I am more than willing to declare this information. However I have a lot of different food labels and the cost of labels is ridiculous. It costs real money every time I go back to my printers with a change. ‘origination’ costs are exorbitant and cannot be spread over time. I reduce the number of colours I use too but red, green and yellow sort of blows that economy out of the water!

I want to comply but how can I do so economically?

Thank you



Hi Sharon

Have you looked considered digital print? These costs can be much cheaper for low volume production runs and you can have full colour and have different content on every item if you wanted. You would normally design them so you get as many as possible on one sheet then cut them down to size.

Many of our existing clients just send us print ready artwork themselves or form the design agency and we print that.

I am happy to take a look and advise for free if you like.

Kind regards

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