How can I have clients for my translation services?


Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Sami. I represent Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services, Ltd. (, a UK registered company.
I wonder if you could help us with some ideas on how to export our services and reach a wider line of clients in the UK and outside the UK.
I look forward to hearing from you.



It would be worth you contacting your local UKTI office. They will work with you to understand how your business currently operates and how this could be translated (forgive the pun) into an export business. We would look at your current customers and markets and then help you select some target countries and overseas customers. Given the nature of your work, you are probably already exporting.

Go to click the export tag and then enter in your postcode. Call that number and ask for an appointment with an International Trade Adviser who will visit you and discuss how we can help get you going.

Kind regards



Hi Sami, as the translation marketplace is very diversified, much depends on your areas of specialism, and the quality of service you offer. The translation industry worldwide continued to grow throughout the recession, so there is definitely demand. We have seen a definite trend away from some of the smaller single language agencies, we have a policy ourselves not to outsource to other translation companies, as we want to keep a tight control over the quality of work provided. If you look at this route to market the problem is that the larger multi-language vendors will tend to squeeze you on price. Referral and recommendation is still very powerful as a source of new business. We do best in export in areas where we have an established expertese. You have to overcome the basic objection of a potential customer in another country as to why they shouldn’t buy locally, to compete you need to be better than the local competition.

Hope this helps. Kindest regards Mike

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