/How can I get help to enlarge sales


We export car parts and household goods at present but need advice on how to expand


Dear Elaine,

Thank you for your question.

I think if you could provide some more information it may make it easier for people to respond. For example, are you looking to expand into new countries or are you looking to export new products? Is there anything specific you need advice on (advertising/making contacts/finance)?

The more information you can provide, the more likely it is that our community can offer help and advice.

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Dear Elaine

Our organisation, UK Trade & Investment, has been established by the government to help companies export. We have had feedback over the years from companies on what support is most useful and we have developed a range of services to help exporters develop sales overseas.

In over 100 overseas markets we have locally employed people working for us, they used to be called commercial attaches, and their language skills, knowledge of local business cultures and knowledge of their business sectors can provide significant support for UK businesses. Our organisations “USP” is its ability to identify appropriate international contacts and to set up meetings with them on behalf of UK companies.

We provide financial support for companies exhibiting overseas and significant grant support for companies undertaking international market research. We also provide significant support for executives working in international trade, from heavily subsidised courses at Cranfield Business School to 1 day workshops on Researching International Markets. For more info see: www.ukti.gov.uk

The best way for you to start working with us, is for one of our advisers to meet with you to assess your specific needs and to recommend appropriate support.

Please call us on 0845 641 9955 and we will arrange for a meeting with your nearest adviser.


Dear Elaine,

My name is Ryan from BF Projects in Belfast, If you would like to contact me i would be happy to Help with freight rates for your exports? We have very good partnership with lines to obtain Special rates.

My contact details are below.

Phone: 02890 371144

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