How can I find out about access to single core cables in a fusebox and generation meter?


We are preparing marketing for the launch of our electricity monitors in the following countries, How would we find out if standard home owners have access to single core cables in their fusebox and generation meter ( for Solar PV panels)?



Hi Emily,

Thank you very much for your question.

We have been in contact with our partners who would have some relevant information for you, but as they will be referring to a number of different countries the additional research required may mean the answer will take slightly longer than usual to be fed back to you.

With that said, I am hopeful you will receive an update here within the upcoming week.



Hello Emily
Single core cable relates to the live, neutral or earth conductors which are normally jacketed inside pvc (or conduit) to form a multicore cable. Once inside the fuseboard or “consumer unit” in any country, all cabling will be single core (with the jacket removed) as the live and neutral conductors are terminated separately. However access inside the fuseboard exposes the homeowner to “live parts” and as such they should be “qualified” to access these cables or use a qualified electrician.

I am guessing the question relates to connecting a current transformer to meter energy for PV’s? Which will be possible by a qualified electrician but shouldn’t be attempted by a standard homeowner. Normally the wiring from the street to the meter is sealed by the utility and the homeowner would not have access to this wiring.

Not sure if this answers the question! The basic wiring regulations throughout Europe are harmonised to IEC standard 60364.


Thank you both.
What I really need to know is whether electricians or homeowners have access to these cables for the countries listed. This would help us identify market we can sell our energy monitor in.

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