How can I find legitimate wood charcoal buyers in Europe?


I am currently seeking legitimate charcoal buyers from Europe on FOB bases, though cost and freight can be considered. Our coal is from Nigeria and loaded directly onto 40 feet containers not bagged with a container load equivalent to 23 tons.


Hello Robert
I suggest you prioritise your European markets of interest. To try to identify buyers and then manage logistics of sales across the whole of Europe will be very difficult. This prioritising could take into account the likely end use perhaps based on grade of charcoal, volume of sales i.e. do you sell the entire container or bag up the contents for different buyers. Why would there be a need for your charcoal from Nigeria and not charcoal from elsewhere? Is it a better grade, cheaper etc. If you think the end market is likely to be the public then you need to identify a distribution network to supply. If it is industry then you need to look for markets with a heavy industry base e.g. France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Spain – these also have relatively low coal reserves so could be in need. At UKTI we have a chargeable service called OMIS which uses our Embassies and Consulates across Europe to find suitable partners/buyers for clients. Can I suggest you consider using this for 1-2 markets at first, see what buyers we find and what our market research says before you look at too many areas. You could also try the European Enterprise Network which is a free service which aims to find partners and buyers for European companies. You may need to use both services because this is a niche area. Do get back to me to discuss further as I don’t have a lot of detail from your question.


Hi Nicola,

Can you give me a time to meet you in london office next week.
its regarding getting buyers of charcoal in europe.

My niche is distributors within europe

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