How can I find a representative in Brazil?


I am looking for a person to represent my company in Brazil. The sector is education export. We attract and advise international students who want to study in the UK.


Dear Solange,
I would recommend you identify a distributor in Brazil that matches the requirements you have.The work involved is something you could do yourself, or you can employ a specialist (we offer this kind of service, as do several other organisations including UKTI). To start, i would advise you write down the criteria you need from a ‘distributor’ within Brazil. Once you have your wish list, the long work starts! basically you will need to contact all possible distributors/ agents, and find out where their particular strengths are and rank these against your requirements. You may be able to short-cut the process to a certain extent by asking end-users in Brazil for recommendations, but you will still need to do the due diligence, as the sector you are in requires a high degree of trust/ authority & responsibility. I hope this helps – let me know if you want to talk it through more.
thanks and best regards,
Chris Manka


Dear Solange,
Ditto Chris response. Another way is talking to UK companies already exporting to Brazil. Please bear in mind Brazil although a great market it is not an easy one!
We are holding an International Export Seminar on the 18 June at 1 Victoria Street, where you can listen to speakers on how to deal with challenging markets and you can network with other companies who are already working in the region!.
if you are interested please come to the seminar, it is free!
To register please go to

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