Help with Shipping samples to Russia


There appears to be a restriction for shipping foodstuffs to Russia for samples and I wondered if anyone else has experienced similar problems or knows of ways around this issue?



It is a bit difficult to answer the question without specific quantities and an idea of the products themselves; anything with alcohol content for example is very strictly regulated. There are also certification requirements for certain food products. Generally speaking, however, it should not be too difficult as long as you know the process and what you need to provide to the Russian authorities.

We are specialists in freight to Russia and would be happy to talk through any specific requirements if appropriate.

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Please follow the link where you can find information on restrictions imposed by the Russian customs does not provide any reference to the relevant order of the Russian authorities.
I suggest you to contact a representative in non-commercial organisation “Gild of participants of foreign trade activities” by email: [email protected] requesting contact details of the trusted carriers. Please indicate the volume of the shipment this will help to provide relevant companies.
Feel free to refer to UKTI at the British Embassy in Moscow as a source of information for the “Gild of participants of foreign trade activities”.


This might not be much help, but for getting beer and spirits samples into Russia, my customers have always insisted on them being shipped via DHL as far as Finland (and from there, I have no idea how they get them into the country). Going by the number of times I’ve been asked to do this, it seems an efficient way of getting alcohol in without problems.


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