Help with exporting a specialist food product?


We are looking to find partners in overseas markets either a distributor or wholesaler or even considering supplying direct to retailers.

Our product offering is fairly specialist in Black Puddings and we have developed gluten free products and chilli black puddings to make a more substantial portfolio and more attractive to the export market. We would like to target those markets with an ex pat community and "meat eating" countries.

We have previously had an OMIS report done for a target market but it was not as fruitful as we would have liked and so we would like advice on considering other methods and whether the likes of social media might be beneficial and other introductory services that may be applicable.

We look forward to hearing the thoughts of any of the experts.


Hi Simon,
You will be right about ex-pat communities in South Africa,Dubai,Australia ,USA etc but there are also markets in Europe which enjoy Black Pudding as well.
The benefits of having a distributor are that they will give you a national coverage ,ie feet on the ground , you only have one delivery to make and they will also deliver locally and promptly from the stock you have sent. Pretty essential for food product. On the other hand you might want to use an agent and deliver direct to retailers,hotels and restaurants yourself. This will be more intensive with smaller orders, higher administration and more credit risk.
you can see more on all of this on
You can also exhibit at Trade shows to get noticed by international buyers if you cannot travel to those countries. The IFE 2014 show has just finished, but there is one in South Africa in November IFEA. The Food & Drink show 2014 starts on Mon 24th March at NEC, but you may also want to try some European shows such as SIAL Paris.
I will be in Argentina and Uruguay at the beginning of April working for some other companies, so if you want some further help on this subject you can contact me directly.
[email protected]

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