Help finding Distributors/Agents for eyeware in all markets?


I have been exporting for 2 years to France, Portugal, Spain, Canada and Germany.

I am wishing to gain further Distributors in other markets !!!

If anyone could help within the Eyewear trade??


Hi Richard

There are a variety of ways to research from my experience.

I subscribe to I find it a very useful research tool. You will be able to find lots of contact details.
You can look at leads generated by UKTI
You can look at leads generated by European Enterprise Network
You can look at websites of companies within your industry and see on their website where to buy tab, ie who their distributors are in different countries. eg you can look at complimentary products to see who they use such as glasses cleaning products or contact lens suppliers.
You can attend trade shows with your local trade association.
Once you have decided on a country then you could use their local chamber of commerce network to find companies who are in your field. You will find this also on Xsortal.
For other free advice on whether to use agents or distributors look at

Export Action Plan