H.S. Code for a repair kit?


We ship various components internationally, one of these components is a rubber repair kit. This repair kit comprises of a number of tools and also some adhesives and vulcanizing compounds. I have been able to identify the H.S. codes for the components individually, however I’m not sure where I stand if they are packaged into a repair kit. The quantities of each component are small and under 1 Kg. Ideally I would like to find one code that covers all the items in the kit…. I hope someone can help


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Can you please tell me what the rubber repair kit will be repairing Air crafts, car tyres?

I can then give you the correct commodity code.

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In response to your question if these are repair kits for Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles which I am presuming they are then quite simply your Commodity Code for export will be as follows:
8714 1030 00 – This heading basically covers parts and accessories of the above vehicles under road wheels and parts and accessories thereof.

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The repair kit is for a inflatable rubber dam. Essentially the parts are the same as used for car tyre repair.

Thanks for your responses thus far

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