Goods value on export paperwork for processing customer owned product


We have a number of EC based customers that send us their own product for processing. The processed batches are re-exported on completion.

The batch processing charge is invoiced to the customer. The completed goods are exported with an accompanying delivery note only, but no invoice. The service charge is reported in our EC Sales List.

The freight costs are charged to the customers’ own FedEx or UPS accounts.

Is there any requirement to show the actual value of the product on export paperwork? Also does a commodity code need to be entered for the goods if they remain the property of the customer?


Dear Alison,

I contacted an associate of ours (International Trade Solutions) re your question and their reply is below. I hope this helps.
John Showell, Product Approvals Ltd

"The query focuses on movements inside the EU and these are not subject to customs duties and regulations, so not really our area. The quick answer is that there is no need for a commodity code and there are no regulatory requirements governing intra EU movements so there is no need to show actual value of goods on export paperwork."

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