Getting a PAN card


My Indian customer wants to deduct tax at source. I’ve been told that my Indian subsidiary requires a ‘PAN’ card. I’ve been told that certain documents need to be atttested by the Indian High Commission in the UK. I’ve spoken to them but they don’t seem to know what to do. Csn anyone help?


Dear Anthony,Thank you for your question.There is a website for Non Resident Indians (NRIs). They have a PAN card service. I found them via the Indian High Commission’s website and they are quite informative.Hope that this helps.Regards,Jennie Rich


The list of documents for a British company applying for a PAN card is given at this link: some cases, the Indian embassy will ask that documents be first attested by say a notary in the respective country. This attestation will not meet the needs of the Indian tax authorities, and the Indian High Commission’s attestation is required.We can also put you in touch with India based CA firms that can help you with the formalities.


Every company in India requires a corporate PAN card, a numerical ID that is used for tax purposes. The process, while featuring more steps that really necessary, is fairly straightforward once you know the process. (The trick is finding out what the actual process is, which changes based on who you ask.) Sannam S4, based in Delhi (, can help you handle all your company incorporation needs. They have a team of UK, US and India staff that can help you achieve your goals in India with minimal risk.

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