Gaining Distributors Abroad


Our product already goes to residents in USA, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium and Holland.

We are really looking for distributors. How do we go about this? Is there a directory – online or othrwise? How do we introduce ourselves?

How do we gain contact with distributors of eco energy efficient products that could do justice to our product.

See our website or just google Ecoflap.

Thanks for your help.


There is no general list as such, but it would be worth looking at the European Enterprise Network website, after registering you can search through partnership requires by each sector etc.

Also i would recommend getting in touch with your local UKTI contact who would also be able to help you by using our embassy locations in over 98 countries. Visit the website at

Hope this is a good starting point for you.


for further clarification, to find partners on the EEN site i mentioned go to the link below


The answers above are good, although I think that some of the Eureopean Enterprise Network’s services are reactive; for instance, you may only be able to view lists of people who have joined their database, rather than comprehensive lists of distributors or partners. They may also be able to undertake proactive searches for you, using their network of offices and partners, but there would possibly be a fee for this.

There are of course, many ways of finding partners, for instance UK Trade & Investment ( offer a service called OMIS (Online Market Introduction Service), which will help you to identify partners or clients in a given market. There is a fee for this, which may start at around £1000, and increase, depending on the level of service, and whether you want them to make an initial contact on your behalf. The quality of OMIS reports can vary, and you are advised to be very specific and detailed in your initial brief.

International tradeshows are also a good way of identifying key players, such as distributors in a market. Some people exhibit at an overseas tradeshow with the aim of finding distributors, but this can be an expensive option. An alternative might be to visit a major international show – you can usually identify major distributors who are exhibiting. A cheaper option is to look on the websites of major international shows, which will usually carry lists of exhibitors, and may even identify whether an exhibitor is a manufacturer, distributor or other. Remember, that the best exhibition may not be one which takes place in your target country; many industry sectors have 1 – 2 big "must-do" global or pan-european exhibitions which all key players will attend.

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