Freight forward Whisky to Far East.


Dear All.

I am looking for a new freight forwarder who can help ship Whisky from Ireland to the Far East. I have tried a few sources from Google search; however, I am keen to hear from some serious services providers from this forum.

Initial task will be to give me a CIF quote in USD$.

Please can you get in touch? Thank you.


JF Hillebrand is the company I’ve always used, without problems. They are not the cheapest spirits forwarder but they get the job done very efficiently in my opinion.


Hello Julian.

Thank you for your prompt response. Much appreciated.

I will reach out to JFH.

Thank you.


Morning Xavier.

Please let me introduce our company, Velta International. We are an experienced freight forwarding company based in Essex. We arrange regular exports for companies across a wide range of industries, including the export of spirits.
Please feel free to take a look at our website – – for further details.
To arrange a full quote for your requirements can you please email us at [email protected] with details of quantity and size of shipment, as well as port of loading and final destination(s).

Many thanks in advance, and we hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

Kindest Regards

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