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Can anyone put us in contact with an insurance company who will provide theft and damage cover to a £25,000 GBP piece of construction related equipment in France that is on rental to a client, our UK provider will not extend cover to the rest of the EU.


hi Ian
if you don’t get any luck with UK insurance providers via this site, it maybe worth investigating if French insurance companies could help. in which case I invite you to get in touch with Enterprise Europe Network in the North West and they may be able to help find a suitable organisation in France:
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Morning Ian,
It is usual that the equipment hired out is insured by the hirer as it is under their custody and control. If you cannot get the hirer to arrange the insurance under their Contract Works policy then you are going to find it difficult to get cover here. Lloyds is likely to be your only market but there will be a minimum premium charged which is more than likely going to run into a few thousand. Furthermore, whilst in transit it will need to be covered under a marine cargo/transit policy.


Kay International (a member of British Expertise) have indicated that they should be able to assist you. They have access to underwriters in Lloyd’s that write machinery all over the world so they hope that this item in France would not cause a problem.
Please contact William Kersley:

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