Food product label requirements when exporting into USA


We are planning to export to the USA, we have a food product: Performance Meals

We already have quotations for reviewing and recommending alterations to the label for the USA.

My question is: Is changing the label to a USA format a legal requirement by that country? I would have thought it would be exempt as it is an import and that it meets the strict labelling criteria of the UK.

Any help and guidance is much appreciated.


Hello Mike,
Well the bad news is that you have to label your product to meet the regulations in each country of import. The formats and requirements are not standardised around the world and just because your product meets the UK requirements that does not mean it will be acceptable for import anywhere else. (See my recent blog re. Irn Bru)

It is not just the label but the contents of the product that change that matter country to country. You will find that some ingredients are fine in one country and absolutely forbidden in another.

For each of your intended destinations you need to research the ingredients rules and the labelling rules (these can vary between States in USA).

These rules are legal requirements and if you do not meet them your product will be impounded at import (or soon after) and most likely destroyed.



Mike, I have posed the question to my customs agent here I will get back to you shortly with some information. I take it you are talking about the 4 items that appear on your home page?


Thankyou for the info, I feared that this may be the case.

Yes, it’s for the 5 products listed on the website plus 6 new vegetarian ones.

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