Food exporters – outside of the EEA/EU, which countries do you find easiest to work with in terms of import regulations/customs?


I’ve been looking at the US and the barriers are pretty messy – particularly with regards to prior notification and food facility registration. Some of the technical processes involved appear to be cumbersome or out-of-reach for a micro-business.

I’m wondering which other countries are comparatively easier to work with in getting your food items into? Is there a source which can offer an overview of requirements by country in the food exports space?


visit they may be able to help you.

Howard Marsh


Hi James

The US has a number of regulatory procedures which need to be adhered to by UK exporters. These can be found on the US FDA site. Once you have your head around what is required, it is an administrative process that you build into your export paperwork.

Perhaps you could share what it is you are looking to export?



Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your comments.

I’ve actually been in contact with Elsa Fairbanks, plus a number of others at UKTI, with regards to the issues with US entry. It was just whilst looking at the US market that I wondered about other markets and their barriers, and whether or not it would be worth my while considering alternative markets, hence the question.

The products I’m looking to get into the US are confectionery. I’ve gained some familiarity with FDA and CBP requirements(labelling, prior notification) for these kinds of products, but there are a few lingering questions that I need to answer before I can determine whether or not this is a viable idea for me to continue with.

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