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We are called JimJams, we provide a full range of healthier spreads, including ‘No Added Sugar’ Chocolate Spreads, Jams, Peanut Butter and Honey. As the name suggests we have a bright and eye-catching brand and is selling well in the UK. However, we would now like to export our products/brand.

Is this something you could help us with?

Could you put us in contact with food consolidators here in the UK that already export products?

We have had great feedback from the Far East and have recently returned from Poland where they also loved our branding.

Many thanks.


Hi Kevin
I have seen your products and as you say the name and branding is eye-catching.

Interesting to hear more about your feedback from Far East and Poland, but you also need to put together an export marketing plan.
Yes I can help you with contacts I have on food consolidators, but also we could look at how to expand your business through distributors in the countries as well. Depends on what your long term strategy is.

Contact me to discuss more, with no obligation.


Good Morning Kevin,

We are a freight forwarder who can offer shipping services and advice on country requirements for food products. We have helped a number of exporters and manufactures with their export requirements, especially for the African markets, we also deal with marketing companies who represent very well known brands in Africa who also maybe able to assist you. We can assist with the pre-shipment inspection process, product registration, product testing required for certain African destinations.

Please feel free to contact me directly.

Best regards


Hello Kevin,

We are Stone’s Throw Import, Export and International Representation – a worldwide based manufacturer’s agent who may be able to help with getting your product noticed into those countries you’re looking to expand to.

We can put together a realistic marketing plan and talk over some of the finer details in successfully promoting JimJams.

Please get in touch should you wish to discuss further.

Kind regards,
Stone’s Throw

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