FOB Documentation and Discounts


Hi All

We are a UK Company selling FOB out of China to a Company in Eire.

They have requested that the Commercial Invoice for Customs Clearance shows the 5% Discount that is allowable to them.

In 15 years, I have never been asked to show this.
Is it legal? What is the best way to show it?
Many Thanks


Please can you clarify the situation. If you have issued a 5% discount then the commerical value is 5% less than the original value and woudl be shown as the total.

Who are asking this question Ire Customs? If it is the buyer just shwo the total final sold at price.

Glenn Hayes


Dear Glenn

Thank you

It is the customer that is requesting htis amendment to the invoice. I thought it was maybe to pay reduce Duty/VAT on the Import.

We also show the Total Sales price, and then they recieve a Rebate (5%) in this case it is settlement discount

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