Im only a private individual but want to send my 2 stroke petrol hover flymo out to my home in Muncie IN, from the UK, because you cannot buy a hover mower out there for a reasonable sum. No-one seems to have even heard of flymo!

But I’m trying to make sure it is all OK to do so first, and not getting very far!
Is there anyone on this site who could reassure me that it will be OK and if so, be prepared to send it for me?


Dear Sue,

Thank you for reaching out on the Open to Export forum. I reached out to one of our customs contacts and he gave me this answer:

"The good news is that they [lawn mowers] are free of duty, however they are subject to EPA and must meet the Federal Emssions Standards, known as phase one standards. What this amount to is they must contact EPA and get approval for the engines on their lawnmowers. However, if the mowers are the old fashion push mowers, like I had to use, then disregard the EPA issues."

For Indiana, the EPA Region 5 contact details are: 312-353-2000 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Central time or toll-free at 800-621-8431 or send e-mail to Website:

I have a PDF file of Harmonized Tariff Schedule if you want to email me, which I can then forward to you. In addition, I’d be happy to introduce you to my customs contact if you’re interested in speaking to him as well.

Kind Regards,
Diana Lau | Trade Research and Communication Associate
UK Trade & Investment | British Consulate-General | New York, NY 10022 | E-mail:


Thank you for taking the time to respond to this question. Your advice and guidance is very much appreciated.
Having this information is fantastic and I will contact the folk mentioned to get further details and persue my quest!

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