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I had wanted to liaise with Chinese company for manufacturing and exportation, but then again I thought it’d be wiser to source locally here in the UK for manufacturers- as UK offers more credibility and I may get a good costing… Am I making a mistake in prioritising UK over China?
Second, how do I source UK manufacturers? Mine is a Pharmacy company looking to export a variety of health-related goods (food beverages like- tea, hot chocolate, etc and others like sanitary towels, insect repellents, etc)
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You will find that more UK companies that used to source from low cost countries are bringing their manufacturing back to the UK. see the link below.

Since your tag shows Healthcare & Medical it I important to control your source of products and to ensure that what you sell ,complies with health regulations. Since the UK market is highly regulated you will also be able to sell on quality as well, when sourcing from here.


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I would start by visiting Alibaba:

They have a wide variety of worldwide based companies looking to sell there product.

If you have any questions relating to the movement of your goods, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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