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One of my businesses is looking for a reseller in the Far East to market and sell our software on a commission basis to manufacturers to help with manufacturer/distributor communications. Any ideas of how to source a reliable and high achieving reseller would be welcomed.


Dear Julian,

Thank you for your question. Please could you let me know which particular Far East markets you are thinking of? This will help us find the relevant people to contact to answer your question.

For example, if you are considering China, you may want to get in touch with the China British Business Council

We also have colleagues in the commercial sections of the British Embassies and High Commissions who are able to do tailored research on your behalf eg a list of resellers.

Let me know and I’ll point the appropriate people who can help in your direction.


Jennie (Open to Export team)


Dear Julian,

I understand from Jennie that Hong Kong is one of the markets you are interested in. One of the most cost effective means to identify competent software resellers is via UKTI’s Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS). This is a highly bespoke service in which we assist in shortlisting the appropriate resellers based on your specific requirements using our local knowledge and connection. Further details can be obtained at

In your particular case, we can "warm up" potential resellers by identifying the relevant contacts, sending your product literature and following up to see if shortlisted companies are interested. For a more in-depth approach, we can call on companies to gauge their suitability. The latter is often viewed as equivalent to a scoping mission to the market.

If you are interested in making use of OMIS, please send me specific requirements of your ideal reseller and I will then furnish you with a quote for consideration.

Best regards,

Patrick – UKTI Hong Kong


Hi Julian,

If Japan is on your target list then we can help.

Best Regards

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