Finding partners for exporting high end cars to Malaysia


I am interested in exporting high end cars to Malaysia from our existing pool. I have read postings on the site from various people from UKTI, stating they can help with list of potential partners based in Malaysia, involved in the business. I have been unable to make contact with anyone from UKTI and I am looking for help.


Hi Brian
we offer commercial market entry services to numerous markets. If we can help you in any way we would be happy to have a chat.
Please mail us any time at [email protected], you can see more at

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Hi Brian,

My contact in the Philippines (which is not far from Malaysia) says that he can help with finding a representative there to help you. He has asked for more information.

1) Which cars will be exported to Malaysia?
2) When will the first shipment take place?
3) Where would you prefer to set up your new operation?

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Hi Brian,
We are based in Glasgow and ship high end cars from all over the UK/

Please feel free to contact myself at any time
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