Finding investors for a private education startup


How can I find local or international strategic investors willing to fund and endorse a private education startup job that aims to develop overseas students in the UK ?

Our company is a one year old that was found to fill in the gaps between overseas students and UK universities.

The mission is to provide bespoke academic services to overseas scholars in the UK.

The vision is to develop overseas students’ academic skills and sharpen their learning experiences.

Our company was granted a one year free contract office by the Solent, Southampton University’s enterprise department as well as a one year free membership of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce.

Our strategy is to assist students when making a choice to study in the UK and providing our. We have unique solutions to solve overseas students’ academical problems, UK universities and at the same time generate profits to the UK economy.


Hello Mohamed,

I am not sure if this is something you are still working on as you posted your question quite a while ago. But if you would like to have a discussion please get in touch

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