Finding international food distributors


Chika’s creates deliciously different snacks for adventurous foodies and those passionate about taste. Searching the globe for exotic ingredients, traditional techniques and healthier alternatives, Chika’s snacks stand apart from the crowd and deliver new taste experiences. Healthy too!

Currently we supply a number of speciality and independent retailers, but largely we supply 5* and boutique hotels in and around London, such as The Ritz, Dorchester Collection, Taj Group, Park Plaza . We supply a number of retail outlets including Whole Foods Market.

We are a contentious producer, our products are wholesome, they look great, taste even better and contain absolutely nothing artificial.

Our website is quite basic and under reconstruction (to re-launch January 2015) but please take a look.


Hi Chika,
your products do look very appetizing.

If you have not exported before then you may need to think about your readiness to export.
I would also suggest that to keep it simple you could choose countries close to home, such as Ireland, or other countries in Western Europe. Have you established which countries you think would have a tendency to eat this type of food? As not all food cultures are the same, even in Europe.
There are lots of questions I could ask you to understand some more of the different options you could take. I would be happy to discuss this further if you wanted to contact me directly.


Dear Gilio,

Thanks for your response.

We have never done any exports but have the capability of producing large volumes. We also currently supply considerable amounts to our UK based wholesalers and customers. There is appetite in Ireland, France and Holland. Perhaps others but I am unsure.

I would love to talk, how do I contact you please?



Hi Chika
You can contact me on 01727 830612 or 07711 223948

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