Finding export documentation requirements for any market


Hi i am looking to find a simple way on the internet on what export documents each country requires to ship ie: Atr, Eur 1, customs etc



I don’t think that this information will be freely/easily available on the internet itself, you will probably need to get hold of a copy of Croner’s guide ( or the one available from The Tate Group ( which unfortunately both require a subscription.

I have always found the Croner’s material to be very good though.


Hi Jeanette,

As a company we supply export documentation systems to exporters for the production of standardised layout documents such as invoices, packing lists, standard shipping notes, dangerous goods notes and some country specific documents like the CARICOM invoice, Canadian Customs Invoice, etc.
We also provide the e-z Cert system to Chambers of Commerce for certified documents like the EUR1, A.TR, Certificate of Origin and ATA Carnet.
We’ve supplied this type of software for nearly 30 years and haven’t found a watertight formula yet for the documentation requirements per country. It can vary per industry, per product and the common phrase we hear ‘because we’ve always done it that way’.
In our systems though we do guide users, for example if you select Turkey as the destination the A.TR is available and the Arab Certificate of Origin is not. Our system also knows which countries are outside of the EU to determine if NES Customs clearance is required and for EU shipments an Intrastat report needs to be filed.

If we can be any further help please drop me a line.




A great starting point are our introductory webinars – we have one dedicated to documentation and our Export Bootcamp series takes you through the basics – webinar 3 looks at the key considerations for pricing, regulation and fulfilment

I hope you find what you need, feel free to come back with any more specific questions.

Matthew, Open to Export

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