Financial transactions with Iran?


We are a UK based company seeking to export hi tech products to Iran, but our UK bank will not support the associated financial transactions. This is seemingly the case for most UK financial institutions. Does anyone know of any UK financial institutions that do transact with Iran?



All of them seem to be waiting for the Brittish Bankers Association to get some sort of consensus.

Maybe you could try Banco de Santander. Pretty huge bank, stablished in the UK, had tensions with Iranian matters before so they already did their due diligence.

Most probably banks that got fines and others that are wary to touch that market will be difficult to deal with. Specially considering that your line of business could be seeked as an hybrid use.

While it´s perfectly admissible to use shortcuts, as using lebanese banks to conduct this business, it will take a lot of unwanted attention. As it´s all fine and clear I would go through a major institution.


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