Finacial support for UK export to Japan


We are a seasoned exporter of Coal Quality equipment and are looking to export to Japan. Other than Solo grant from UKTI what other support is out there for SME business exporting to Japan for the first time.

We have had market research done and have found a local agent willing to work with us. We are registered with UKTI and Export to Japan, and JETRO.


Hi Gary

I am not so sure about funding on this one but there is further support available from the EU Japan office:

they can help you with some paid trip and training out in Japan, an office space and advise in approaching some of their contacts.
you could try speaking with Jessica Michellson:
Jessica Michelson
EU-JAPAN CENTRE for Industrial Cooperation | EU-based office
Rue Marie de Bourgogne 52 | B-1000 Brussels | Belgium | [email protected] | TEL +32 2 282 0043

all the best



Dear Gary,

We would be delighted to help guide you with expansion into the Japanese market on a logistics and customs procedure level from both a UK export compliance and Japanese import compliance standpoint. We also have reciprocal agents in Japan who we would be able to consult with any questions regarding local legislation and procedures that you may get caught out on as a first time exporter/importer.

When expanding into a new market such as Japan, it can be fraught with cultural, procedural and logistical differences to markets that you are currently operating within. Therefore it is integral to ensure that you work with a well-established freight forwarder, and Alliance can give you access to over 40 years of depth and experience in launching our clients in overseas markets.

More information about us can be found on our website:

If you would like to call me to discuss this further please feel free (01268 410 211)


Bradley Waller

Export Action Plan