Feedback on the UK Trade Tariff



I was wondering if anyone here uses the UK Trade Tariff ?

It would be great to get your feedback if you have used it and what you think it’s missing or what do you think could be improved.

Many Thanks,

Matthew Ford


Hi Matthew,

I use this resource a lot and find it really helpful and useful, especially since it is free of charge. However, anyone using it does need to have a working knowledge of the product that they are looking up since, in some categories, the choice of which is the most appropriate tariff can sometimes be a bit confusing.


Thanks for the feedback Maria, we’re going to be launching an A-Z of common products soon to help narrowing down the search of common products as the categories are prescribed by the EU (and we can’t change them unfortunately)

I should also point out that the tool underwent a complete redevelopment and redesign, if anyone used the older version I would be keen to hear if you’re finding the new version any easier or more difficult to use.


Hi Matthew,

I had noticed that it had changed and I find the newer version much easier to use. I think that putting in an A-Z is an outstanding idea. I have been using the tariiff for about 30 years so I am used to some of the categories. However, the ability to search for an unfamiliar product e.g. water filters and being directed to the right section, instead of having to search the categories I think water filters might be in, will definitely save time and effort.

Any chance of a world-wide data base showing each countries current duty rates for different products by the way? This would also be very helpful.

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