FDA prior notice – can anyone please help?


Hello, I as struggling to understand how to complete the FDA prior notice form. I would like to send chocolates via airmail to the USA, but do I need to get the manufacturer registration number of all the brands I send? How do I get this information for large corporations? And finally am I classed as the shipper or royal mail, and does this mean I need to register?

Any help would be very much appreciated.



Unfortunately yes, you would need to have the FDA registration numbers for any items that you are shipping. You would also have to register your company with the FDA – if you are holding/ storing the goods before they are being shipped (there is a place for registering that type of company as opposed to a manufacturer). Unfortunately I do not know how you would find out the FDA number for the larger corporations.

If you are having trouble registering with the FDA it might be worth talking to a third-party FDA advisor. There are multiple options for companies that can advise of FDA regulations.




How are you doing with this. Are you sending directly to the customer? If you intend to resale you may have a problem as Hershy put the kibosh on chocolate imported from the UK


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