Extra Virgin Olive Oil to China


We are looking to export top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil to china.
Our brand is www.isabelina.co.uk – top quality stuff

Looking for an agent or distributor in China


Hello Andy,

My name is Da and I am from China-Britain Business Council. We are the leading organisation that helps UK businesses develop in China.

Re your question, at this stage I think you may want to check our website for OMIS (Overseas Market Introductory Service) – http://www.cbbc.org/what_we_do/services/omis. It is a tailor-made market research tool that will help you get acquainted with the local market and identify suitable distributors.

If you want to explore more about OMIS or CBBC, please drop me an email at [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,


Dear Andy

Please contact Andy Smith at [email protected] as Andy is the Overseas Business Network co-ordinator for China and will hopefully be able to advise you.

Kind regards
Sarah Butcher

[email protected]


Hi Andy, We’re already working with a leading distributor in China on behalf of a Rapeseed Oil producer in the UK. We are based in London and Shanghai and have extensive legal and market expertise in the region. I’m sure we can sort out a distributor pretty easily. We know the ‘Oils market’ very well in China and have extensive research on it.

Kind Regards
Peter Doherty

[email protected]

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