Exports to St Helena


Can you please advise what the position is on exporting goods and services to St Helana.


Dear Shantelle

As far as customs procedures and tariff are conserned "The tariff is based on the Harmonised System; duties are either ad valorem, all goods being charged at the same rate, or at specific rates. Goods of EC origin qualify for customs preference: form EUR1 should be used for values over £4,830 and a declaration of EC origin on the invoice for lower values. The procedure is explained in HM Revenue and Customs’ public notices 827, and 828 obtainable from www.hmrc.gov.uk."

Samples: of no commercial value are admitted duty-free.

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Nicholas Tate


Dear Shantelle,

Thank you for your query.

Here are some websites which may be of use to you.

Enterprise St Helena – http://www.enterprisesthelena.com
St. Helena Development Agency – http://www.shda.co.sh
Connect St. Helena Campaign – http://www.connectsthelena.org
St. Helena Government – http://www.sainthelena.gov.sh
DFID’s St. Helena webpage – http://www.dfid.gov.uk/Where-we-work/Overseas-Territories/St-Helena
St. Helena Tourism – http://www.sthelenatourism.com
Solomon and Company – http://www.solomons-sthelena.com
St. Helena Weekly Newspaper – http://www.saint.fm/independent

More background information about St Helena is available on the St Helena Development Agency website as are details on business investment in St Helena.


Jennie Rich

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