Exporting whisky to Brazil


I’m setting up a small business exporting malt whisky to Brazil. I need to send some samples to my business contacts but the Post Office tell me that you cannot send alcohol through the post to Brazil.

Any suggestions as to how I can get a couple of bottles out there?


Hi Stewart
Nice to see you here.
I have worked with a brewery in Yorkshire and you can send samples via a reliable freight forwarder/courier – make sure the wrapping is very good and beware of any likelihood of accidents on whether you choose air freight or sea. The first bottles we sent exploded (no good for airfreight, you live and learn) so we had to send more. You will have some joys with Brazilian customs, too, I can assure you! I can also recommend a UK-based customs expert who deals with Brazil.
I can email you their details (not sure we are allowed to publicise them here).
Hope that helps.


Hi Stewart

Maybe i can help? We are a family run freight forwarder in Belfast, If you would like to get in contact i will help try and help you out?


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