Exporting Whiskey From UK To China



I have previously imported electronics into the UK from China. Now my chinese client wants to spend 300,000RMB on different types of malt whiskey, to be sent to China.

I have no experience exporting alcohol to China but understand that it poses different problems to usual goods.

Could someone help me with what I need to get started with this process?


Hi Jamie,

The initial steps would involve the following:
1. Presenting a trademark certificate for each brand of malt whiskey you intend to sell to the Chinese importer, along with Certificates of Free Sale.
2. Presenting 10 pairs of labels (front and back) for each brand
3. Translating the labels into chinese and having them in a correct format
(The importer will also have various documents that need to be filled out, but the basic requirement is having a spirits import license)

Paperwork submission is handled directly in Shanghai by the Entry and Exit Bureau, and is a 1 month process. After week 3 they will let you know if your brands/labels have been accepted and will charge around 2,000 rmb per bottle registered with them. They will offer you guidance on how to set out the chinese label.

Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association

Telephone: +86 21 6854999

Direct line: +86 21 68542651, 68547608

Hopefully this will get you started.



I would expect the majority of Scotch whisky brands to have distribution arrangements in China already. You will need to be careful not to inadvertantly contravine these arrangements as this might leave you liable to prosecution by the rights holders. Could I suggest you discuss this opportunity with the Scotch Whisky Association, who should be able to offer sage advice on how best to proceed.



Hi Jamie,
I see that you said your client is looking to spend 300,000RMB. As a foreign exchange broker working for, KBR Foreign Exchange, I would love to speak to you further and see if we can help you out with exchange of the currency for you.
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Best Regards,
Bradleigh Golder
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