Exporting used medical equipments – what do I need to know?


I am looking to export used medical equipments particularly diagnostic equipments eg. ultrasound machines, lab equipments.

Could you advise on the sourcing of the used equipments in the UK, compliances/regulations and transportation options


Hi Maria,

My colleague, Maju Jacob, Senior Trade & Investment Adviser – Heathcare sector, UKTI India will be able to address your query. He shall respond shortly.

Shruti Sharma


Please could you expand on this for example are you a business or is this for Humanitarian Purposes.
Used medical equipment especially for diagnostics requires certain medical devices directives before one can actually source any medical equipment. I do this on a charitable/voluntary basis but I will give you the information but I do not know whether is applies for a business as well.
1. YOU need two Associated Directives (93/42/EEC): (I) Active Implantable Medical Devices Directive, (ii) In Vitro Diagnostic Devices Directive (covers all medical equipment used/new).
As from the 21st March 2010 an amendment was made for the Directive (2007/47/EC).
2. Obtain these visit http://www.conformance.co.uk/adirectives/do and call 01298 873800
for all forms and information.
There is also what they call a Restrictions of Hazardous Substances Directive (Rotts) 2002/95/EC & 2011/65/EU my reason for this is that some airfreight have restrictions on these types of equipment as they have electrical components that could have other implications for terrorists and also are highly flammable again please contact the above telephone number.
Once you have these then I suggest you go for sourcing to Healthcare Siemens
http://www.helathcare.siemens.com They have a universal Free Phone number on 00800 910 9200 they are open Monday to Friday 08.00-18.00 hours (CET) or you can fax 49 9191 18 8880.
GB Medical Ltd (Hampshire) E-mail i[email protected] Telephone 01264 361578 or fax 01264 362 703
MediPost Medical Supplies 01305 760750
MCS Test Equipment E-mail [email protected]
Telephone 0845 362 63 65
Gehealthcare visit http://ww3,gehealthcare .co.uk/en-GB for this you have to register and login and tell them exactly what you want as they do this to your specific needs.


Sorry, I have to continue this on separate sheets, so this is a continuation.
There is also a fact sheet on Medical Equipment from the World Health organization on http://www.who.int/mediacenter/factsheets/ FACT SHEET No: 346 (September 2010). also http://search.who.int/search?q=used+medical, if not contact them on + 41 22 791 2222.
The British Red Cross send out used equipment so it is worth trying their headquarters and asking if they could be of assistance on 0844 871 1111.

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