Exporting Used Medical Equipment to South Korea


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I am looking to establish the regulations and process required for the exportation of used medical equipment to South Korea?

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Hi Francesca,

There are currently controls on the South Korean Won (KRW) to protect its value. Your customer will have hoops to jump through even if you ask for Sterling payment.

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We have clients in Africa who are looking to purchase used medicial equipment.

Please advise if you have any stock.

Email is bilal@bbsandco.com

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You will of course have to complete the necessary UK export declaration. We provide web based software that allows for this to be completed by either the trader, carrier or third party logistics provider. We can provide you with companies who could help and currently use our software if that is of interest. The export declaration will have to be supported by as a minimum by a commercial invoice or its equivalent and possible other documents such as export control licences.
Goods may qualify for preference under the EU GSP preference arrangements, which will benefit the importer. see HMRC web site www.hmrc.gov.uk or by phoning the VAT, Excise and Customs Helpline on 0300 200 3700.

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