Exporting Used Clothing



We are an established collector of used clothing in the U.K. and are looking for export opportunities.

We can supply small or large amounts of sorted or unsorted clothes at competitive prices.

Where can we find international business opportunities and contacts?

Thank you


Please be aware if you intend to export these outside of the EU you will be required to make an export customs declaration. We can provide you with the necessary customs declaration software if required.

Howard @ e-customs Ltd


Dear friend,

Can I have your phonenumber or whatsapp for a fast response? Please pm me one of it so we can have more conversation about used clothing.

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Hi Barry,

We at Independent Freight regularly export goods, such as used clothing, internationally to many diverse areas for our customers. If you would like to send me an email with the key markets you wish to approach and perhaps a corporate blurb or brochure if you have one, and I would be happy to pass this on to any relevant contacts that we have in that area

Hope this helps!

Best Regards

Ben Hooper

Marketing Executive at Independent Freight
Email: ben@independent-freight.com Tel: 02476 343037

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