Exporting used cars from the UK to Mambasa, Kenya


Hi there, we are considering exporting used cars to kenya. We have our sales partners in kenya. Our job is to arrange stock in UK and get it delivered to them in kenya.

Can you please advise on

1 – The processes, procedures on exporting cars from uk to kenya
2 – how to arrange cars shipments
3- taxation and accounting issues involved?

thanks in advance for help.



Quick response,

Get in touch with a freight agent who will advise and deal with your export and give you a quote. He can also arrange onward transport to your customer in Mombasa or anywhere else in Kenya.

Also engage an accountant for advice on accountancy and taxation including VAT filings, claim and refunds of VAT and custom duties etc – particularly if you doing this as a business or merely acting as an agent so that it is properly set up.

if you need further help please do let me know.



its very crucial to work with your sales partners as they are experienced in the processes involved in getting the vehicles into the country and clearing.

you should however ensure you meet the legal requirements which stipulate having a Pre-Export Verification of Export (PVoC) which is a conformity assessment and verification procedure applied to specific Goods/ Products at the respective exporting countries; which the United Kingdom (UK) falls under. this is to ensure compliance with the applicable Kenyan Technical Regulations and Mandatory Standards or approved equivalents. Kenya Bureau of Standards signed a contracts with Intertek UK to inspect and verify conformity to standards for used vehicles. This standard parameters include:
• The Age Limit – This shall be less than 8 years from the year of first registration.
• The difference between the date of manufacture and the date of first registration shall be not more than one year.
• The Drive – This shall be Right Hand Drive – (RHD).
• Road-worthiness. This shall be determined by compliance to requirements specified in the standard as mentioned above.
• Radioactive contamination inspection – To safeguard consumer safety it is imperative that all used vehicles undergo an inspection to detect any radioactive contamination. Only vehicles whose level of contamination is within acceptable limits will be issued with a certificate of conformity.

The taxation on motor vehicles by the Kenya Revenue Authority is as follows:

• Import duty is 25% of CIF value.
• Excise Duty 20% of (CIF+ Import duty value)
• VAT is 16% of (CIF +import duty value + Excise Duty value).
• Railway Development Levy – 1.5% of Customs value of the goods



Hi, we can arrange to export cars globally – give me a shout if you want to discuss any further. Where do you want to load in the UK?

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