Exporting UK caravans to USA


We are having a lot of customers from the USA enquiring as to us exporting a UK touring caravan to them in the US. Does anyone have any experience doing this? or any information about how we might go about it?

We currently export to Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan and have approved exporter status.

Does anyone know what, if any, regulations would apply on the US side?


Hello there, the US Government does provide good advice on this subject and you may wish to review the following website. http://www.nhtsa.gov/cars/rules/import/

There are some strict guidelines for vehicles that are imported in to the USA for use on public roads so definitely in your best interest to review along with prospective USA buyers of your caravans.

A Customs House Broker (CHB) can assist with the actual customs clearance procedures on behalf of the importer. Effectively walking them through the import processes.

I hope the above helps.


I concur with Andy’s answer.

The US demands a high level of conformity. Whilst caravans are not, in themselves, motor vehicles, there may be a requirement to adhere to specific regulations surrounding electricals/lighting – and any protection systems (bumpers/fenders).

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) should be consulted to ensure conformance.

You can contact them via the following link – https://www.epa.gov/home/forms/contact-epa

As Andy has stated, a licenced Customs House Broker would be well placed to assist you.

I wish you every success and welcome any further questions.



Hi all!

As Richard and Andy have said above that there are many hidden headaches in importing and exporting these types of shipments in and out of the US.

We specialize and work with many freight forwarders, customs brokers, and domestic logistics companies in the US and around the world that focus on moving heavy machinery, Ag Equipment, automobiles, and trucks. If you would like more information/assistance we would be happy to assist please feel free to connect with me directly ([email protected])

Have a great week all!


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