Exporting to Vietnam


I am in the very early stages of setting up an export business to Vietnam. I will be exporting frozen chickens in 40ft containers.
I need to know what licenses are required, the export process, cost involved, insurances and so on.I will be very grateful for any information recieved.

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Dear Jeff,

I would be happy to quote you for the above, and advise on documentary requirements but need more details. Please feel free to email me directly a [email protected] to discuss further.
Trust in order
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Dear Jeff

Thanks for your enquiry.

Your best bet is to first get confirmation from the relevant import authority in Vietnam to establish the specific import conditions of the country. The UK Embassy for the region can provide further advice. Officials on the South East Asia desk in London have been made aware of your query and advise that you contact them in the first instance. Email: [email protected]

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