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Hi we are a food and beverage ingredients company in the UK. We ship ingredients all over the World from our UK warehouse. We get many enquiries from the USA, but if we were to ship products to the USA, there would probably be complex import duty to pay (and this will vary across our 20,000sku product range). We would like to find out what these duties would be for various ingredients would be in order to know whether we can be competitive or not. Although we will mostly ship on terms where we are not responsible for paying them (ie anything DDP) it will enable us to know whether or not to even proceed with those enquiries.

Is there any source of information for this?

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Hi there, if you are looking for import duties in the USA and elsewhere, you can check this out, either at the US customs tariff, available at:
or by using the EU Market Access site, which gives duty rates for many overseas countries, and is available at:

In both cases, it will be helpful to have the relevant tariff code for the product, but bear in mind that US tariff codes are slightly differnt from UK ones – the first 6 digits of the US code will be the same as the UK / EU code, but it will vary from there onwards.

If you are thinking of selling food products to the USA, you will also need to study, and comply with the regulations of the Food & Drug Adminstration.

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Hi Aaron

While my business is in FX – Currency exchange, what I can do is introduce you to a very good friend who works at a large Logistics Company (their HQ is in Essex). They have a large presence in the USA and therefore would be able to help you with this query you have.

If you would like me to make this introduction, please reply to this post with with your email address and I will make the necessary introduction. For what it is worth I introduced another lady from this site who exports goods from China to the USA and they are now working together….

Many thanks



Hi Aaron

If you can email me a list of ingredients and products I will ask my USA Agents to classify them for you.

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