exporting to Turkey


We have an opportuninty to sell fish to a company in Turkey which has been imported into the UK from outside the EU and stored in our warehouse. The customer is asking for a health certificate/health declaration so what can we provide?


I agree with the above. you should have received the paperwork from the company you bought the shellfish from or you will need to ask them to provide it as they are the originators of the good.
see also: https://www.gov.uk/importing-and-exporting-live-fish-molluscs-and-crustacea

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Yes we have the import documentaion h/cert catch certs etc but as we are only selling part of the consigment not the whole this certificate is not acceptable to our customer. We could get a declaration from the EHO who is responsible for the storage site which we could send with a true certified copy of the original paper work and a statement declaring how much of the consigment we are sending but this is not acceptable to the customer.


ok, in which case I would suggest you contact UKTI embassy posts in Turkey and your local Enterprise Europe Network in he Northwest tel 0844 259 8571, info@eenw.org
who can then liaise with our colleagues in EEN Turkey to find the information the Turkish authorities will find acceptable.

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