Exporting to Tripoli, Libya



Do I need an export licence for audiovisual systems?

Do you know of an import agent who can pay local duty, arrange customs clearance and inland delivery Tripoli and receive payment from end customer?

Do my engineers need visas – if yes can I get them in the UK?


Hi Kelvin,

I can help you on the visa front but not the rest I’m afraid.

You can get the visas for your engineers from the UK but you will need approval from Libya first. There are a few factors to consider including length of stay so it’s probably best to have a chat with someone about your specific needs first.

Please feel free to drop me an email with your contact details on and I’ll get one of our consultants to discuss this with you. Alternatively please call Zafar on 0207 0012121 who should be able to give you some further advice.

I hope this helps.




Dear Kelvin

If you’re exporting to Libya you should keep yourself updated with the latest infomation on trading in the market as there is a current arms embargo on Libya. Whilst this impacts on the sales of arms to the market, there are also other types of controls ie Military End Use Controls, which are applied on the basis of whether the equipment will ultimately be modified or used for any military purpose . You will need to be aware who the ultimate end user of this equipment and check whether or not the goods are on any control lists. As a rule of thumb, it is unlikely that audio visual equipment will be on either the miltary or the dual use goods control list, unless there is some specific crytographic function.

However as with all aspects of export control, as the the exporter, it is your responsibility to check all these isues out. I’ve attached a useful link to the ECO pages on the extent of the arms embargo in Libya and recommend that you satisfy yourseldf that the goods do not appear on any control list and look at the guide on Military End Use Control.


If you are still not sure, plesae contact me directly.




Hi Kelvin,

We have an agent in Libya that can assit you with payment of local Libyan charges. Regarding the payment, are you refering to the Libyan charges, the total freight cost or for the payment of the goods?

I will be happy to discuss further at your convenience.


David Cross
Cross Trades and Logistics Ltd
[email protected]
T. +44(1480)436936

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