Exporting to the United Arab Emirates


We have an enquiry from the UAE for some of our products. Total value will be around £2,000 and the products are cash safes.

We have never exported to the UAE before.

Please can someone go through the documentation we would need to do and the cost as we are doing this by proforma and would like to add an amount for "administration" but have no idea what.




Hi Juliette – have you tried the Arab British Chamber of Commerce in London? Export documentation requirements tends to be their field. See http://www.abcc.org.uk/Export-Documentation

Good luck!


Dear Juliette

Could you please advise gross weight, number of packages and size of the packages
of the shipment and we can calculate the freight costs etc . Please reply direct to
our email address ; [email protected] or phone 01263 513127.
We look forward to hearing from yourselves.
Best regards
Colin ; Crown Freight


Hi Juliette,

Correct documentation is key in exporting successfully to the Middle East and it can be an area of confusion for many. I was until recently based in the UAE for a number of years and I have seen numerous examples of companies falling foul of local Customs regulations, etc., so it will be important to ensure that you are fully compliant with all the requirements.

I represent a company called CBI Global Freight Management based in Manchester. We offer regular services by air and ocean to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, so please send me the details of your potential order and I will provide you with all the relevant information.

Best regards,


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