Exporting to the UAE – do you need a certificate of origin?


I would like to know if every single item that enters the UAE needs a certificate of origin? What about customers in the UAE that purchase online, ebay, Amazon, etc?
Thanks Shaun


Hi Shaun,

In our experience as the online provider of certified documents applications issued by UK Chambers of Commerce, UAE is one of the biggest destinations with around 3,500 documents per month being raised.  Our customers though are purely B2B sales, whereas I would expect eBay and Amazon sales to be B2C and we’re not processing any documents for those transactions.  On that basis I believe that those B2C transaction don’t require a Certificate of Origin.  Goods may be being checked upon import for compliance with local regulations and restrictions though.

Our advice for UAE or any other export destination is that exporters should ask their end customer or importer what documentation they require as they will know their local procedures.  For example UAE is a Arab League country where an Arab Certificate of Origin is recommended but some customers choose to use an EC Certificate of Origin. Clarifying the requirement ahead of shipment is important to avoid any delays or additional costs.

I hope that helps.  If you need any certified documents you can apply online at www.e-zcert.com/uk

Kind regards,
Ian James
Implementation Manager
i2i Infinity Ltd.

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